Ben and Leslie


Ben and Leslie met in Townsville while completing their Master Degrees in Natural Resource Management. In classic 'boy meets girl' fashion, Ben and Leslie were grouped together for an assignment, and spent many days in the library and lab together. Not long after, Ben and Leslie went on their first date - pizza and wine on the beach in Townsville, picnic style in the evening.

Their relationship continued to grow as they realised they shared many similar interests and passions in life. From then to now, amongst all the life decisions, travelling, volunteering, to settling in jobs in Sydney, Ben and Leslie have never stopped supporting each other. They have never sat in complacency, but rather have endeavored to make the most out of life together.

In August of 2017, Ben's proposal plan came alive. Ben pretended there was a 2 day beach clean up with Port Macquarie Council that they had to drive up from Sydney to go help with for Tangaroa Blue Foundation, knowing Leslie would not question this at all but merely be stoked for it.

Instead, Ben was about to give Leslie the most magical, romantic memory. Ben surprised Leslie with a trip to Seal Rocks, where they stayed at the Lighthouse Cottages for 2 nights. Thoroughly convinced the cottage stay was a romantic surprise from Ben so they did not have to drive the full 5 hours in 1 go, Leslie had no idea that Ben was going to propose the next morning. Around approximately 07:30am, after a walk up to the lighthouse, and watching whales breaching in the back ground, Ben took Leslie for a walk on the beach. He proposed to Leslie, with a gorgeous ring he designed and had made in Milton, NSW. Ben then revealed there was no clean up, it was just them for 2 nights at the cottages. Oh, and that Leslie had a massage booked in at 2:00pm (what an overachiever).

Ben and Leslie are ecstatic to be getting married, and look forward to sharing the day close together with friends and family.

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